Request a commercial visit

PVS would like to offer you the experience of its professional audio brand AUDAC. The AUDAC Experience Center is specifically built for this purpose.


The Export Contract has to be signed. The targets fixed for the previous year must have been reached and 80% of the new products have to be part of your purchase history.

General information

Visits will be limited to maximum 2 days and a maximum of 2 visits per year will be possible. You must bring a minimum of 10 visitors up to a maximum of 30 visitors with you.


Visits will have to be confirmed through the AUDAC Experience Center website.

In order to set a date for your visit, you have to contact us at least 8 weeks in advance to be able to get an accommodation in a hotel. It is required that you give us the exact number and names of all visitors at least 3 weeks before your visit.


If you require a hotel and it is confirmed at least 3 weeks in advance, we will make a reservation for maximum 1 night in a hotel of our choice that is also paid by us. Please note that your promotional budget can be used to reduce the costs of your visit. Please be advised that ‘extras’ such as meals, drinks, minibar etc. at the hotel will be entirely at your expense. In case you choose to reserve a hotel yourself, the complete expenses will be at your cost.


Lunch and supper can be provided by us. If you inform us minimum 1 week upfront if someone is following a diet (i.e. Vegetarian), we will make the necessary arrangements. Please note that your promotional budget can be used to reduce the costs of your visit.


  • A fixed program will be set.
  • During your visit, someone from PVS will be on hand to give a guided tour of the premises, a short presentation of the company and to hold demonstrations in the auditorium.
  • As distributor, you will be responsible for giving any product trainings yourself, for your key dealers, in your language.
  • There will always be someone from AUDAC present for enhanced technical insight.


Flights and/or other means of transport (trains, taxis, etc.) necessary to get to your hotel or the Experience Center will be at your expense.

How to get there by flight

From our experience, the easiest way for you to get to Hasselt is by travelling to the national airport (Zaventem). On the ground floor of this airport , is a train station.

To select your train journey, click here. Simply fill in ‘Zaventem (aeroport)’ in the ‘From:’ text box and ‘Hasselt [NMBS/SNCB]’ in the ‘To:’ text box. You will find taxis in front of the station.

We can also arrange bus transport to and from the airport at your expense after approval of the quote.

Contact details

For urgent matters during your stay you can contact the following persons:

Lloyd Sluiter
Marketing Executive
Cell: 0032 477 09 43 56

Mark Asselberghs
International Sales Manager
Cell: 0032 497 48 58 38

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